Old Pueblo Vapor

Marana’s Premier Vapor Destination

6435 N Thornydale Ste 169


Vape Shop in Marana, az

A former coffee shop location became Marana’s premier Vape Shop midsummer of 2017 when Old Pueblo Vapor moved into town!


Adding our own touch and flair, OPV brings a classy and welcoming attitude to every vape experience.


Tanner is the house Bonsai fan, bringing his touch to the Cafe style environment.


Nearby are our new friends at Heavenly Hair Salon, who offer kind personalized care.


Local Landscape Photographer William C. Stoffers provided beautiful desert photography for the walls, and our own Robert Scott hand built the stained wooden flags at both of our locations.


Cafe tables and bar seating are often occupied by lounging vapers.


The two display cases are packed with our personally vetted vape equipment selection.


OPV Marana is offering a tantalizing new product called Subohm Soda Pop.   Our engaging new sodas are inspired by years of hand-crafting superior vape flavors.  Stop in and try yours today!


Our Beginner/Intermediate shelf offers a wide variety of easy to use devices.  Ranging from stick styles and Pod systems, through higher volume setups, we cover all your needs.


Our advanced shelf offers up-to-date, vetted, high powered devices, kits, tanks and plenty of hobbyist level rebuildable items from squonking RDAs to high powered high airflow RTAs. 


OPV brings the Lounge life to Tucson vaping.  Stop in and sit back for a spell and try out our high quality offerings.


Always on the grow, OPV and Marana’s many plants are waiting for your visit.


Pick up a Trio or Mod setup in Marana and we’ll happily throw in one of our raved about sodas!


Don’t see your tank on our shelves?  Don’t worry, even if we chose not to carry it, we do carry a large selection of coils from other tanks to ensure OPV is a one stop shop for our customers!


Come over and visit us in Marana from 9 am to 7 pm Monday – Saturday and from Noon to 5 pm on Sunday.


Just like our Speedway store, we are right next door to a convenient Subway resturaunt!!


Even in color!!


Thanks to Allegra for our well placed Vinyl even on these heavily divided windows!


OPV is proud of the quality we put into our Mod and Tank selection, the time invested in our expert employees and of course, most of all, the highest quality liquid available in town.  National lines have nothing on a good vape from OPV!