WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mi Pod E-Smart Slim Battery 380mAh

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Finally a battery designed for concentrates, distillates and thick oils. Master chefs know that the right heat is necessary to cook exquisite meals and pronounce the right flavor. Don’t overcook your delicate oils. Works with most prefilled cartridges.
  • Attach a pre-filled cartridge, rotate counter-clockwise to fasten
  • Quick-Click the power button 5 times to Turn On/Off the device
  • Quick-Click the power button 3 times to cycle the voltage settings (LOW: WHITE, MEDIUM: BLUE, HIGH: RED)
  • Quick-Click the power button 2 times to activate the 8-Second pre-heat function, this draws heat to the tank and loosens the contents for faster wicking
  • Press and Hold the power button to vape
  • Inhale