WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vandy Vape Mutant RDA

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The Vandy Vape MUTANT 24mm BF RDA is an innovative vaping atomizer spearheading the industry with dynamic airflow options, squonking overflow return, and aligns the coils in a vertical fashion, deviating from the traditional set up with new groundbreaking build deck features. Constructed from superior stainless steel, the 25mm build deck of the Mutant RDA features two prominently shaped posts, accomodating a dual coil set up, arranging the installed coils in a vertical fashion, side secured via hex screws. The shape of the posts allows for the coils to be dropped in and fastened down easily. Within the terminal base is grooved teeth to maintain a trusty and reliable connection for the coil leads. This restructuring accommodates the liquid wells and provides adequate wicking and graciously allows the squonked e-liquid to cascade over the top of the cotton wicks while maintaining a dual-sided excess liquid return at the base of the elongated squonking posts, returning excess liquid from the cotton wicked wells back to the reservoir. On the mid-cap is an airflow control ring with a multitude of airflow options, offering a grooved section at the base which lines the airflow selection directly at the side of the coil structure.