WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BTN stands at the forefront of non-nicotine vaping, employing an innovative approach to ensure a deeply satisfying experience. Crafted in the USA with meticulous attention to detail in artisanal batches, our blends harness exclusive Ember, Frost, and Glaze Boosts, delivering a superior and gratifying sensation that sets a new benchmark in the vaping industry.

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Disrupt Your Habit with BTN

Say goodbye to nicotine and still enjoy a satisfying vape with BTN. A new and unmatched solution in zero nicotine vaping, created right here in the USA using carefully chosen techniques and ingredients.

What is BTN?

BTN ("Bitten" - Beyond Tobacco & Nicotine) is a new and unique approach to zero nicotine vaping created right here in the USA. Unlike other zero nicotine options on the market, BTN was created to reproduce a primary component which helped vaping succeed as a substitute for combustible cigarettes - the satisfying sensation in the throat and mouth - which has been lost in all other 0mg E-liquid.

What makes BTN different?

BTN's Throat and Ember Boosts allow you to feel satisfied without the nicotine, providing an experience like no other nicotine-free vape. On top of that, the flavors in the BTN lineup are unlike anything on the market, made by long experienced flavor crafters and produced in artisanal batches.

What are Ember, Frost, and Glaze Boosts?

Ember, Frost, and Glaze are the 3 elemental Boosts that give each mixture its unique qualities. These Boosts allow for a customized vaping experience without the use of nicotine, and on the labels they show what to expect from the vape before it is even opened. Ember Boost reflects the "throat hit" usually associated with the nicotine level, while Frost Boost controls the cooling effect in the mix and counters the effects of Ember. Glaze Boost acts as a sweetener and flavor enhancer, helping to find the perfect 'sweet' spot with your favorite flavors.

What is the difference between The Standard, The Geek, and The Alchemist lines?

The Standard is our Criterion Collection of classic flavor combinations. With a variety of core flavor profiles, this collection sets the standard in high quality American made E-Liquid. The Geek is our Tart and Sweet Collection created with the fruit and candy lover in mind. Sweet, sour, tart, fruity and some with an icy chill. Pucker up and set your sweet-tooth free. The Alchemist, our Prime Formulary, is always striving for gold and these curated combinations reflect that philosophy. Bold and complex flavors make this library one for the true flavor lover. Each line has its own distinct personality and offers a variety of flavors to choose from, giving you the flexibility to switch up your vaping experience and find your perfect match.

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