WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Supercharge your vaping experience with our Boost line, crafted to add your personal touch to any vape. Choose from the fiery Ember, the chilling Frost, the sweet Glaze, and our zesty new sensation—PUCKER. Tailor your vape with Throat Presence, Chill Factor, Sweet Note, and Tart Splash.  

Be Reasonable, Be Excessive, Be Yourself...


Ember Boost:
"Feel the fire with Ember Boost, delivering a bold throat hit that burns bright and keeps you coming back for more."
Frost Boost:
"Experience the icy coolness of Frost Boost, chilling your senses and leaving you refreshed with every crisp inhale."
Glaze Boost:
"Glaze Boost adds a burst of irresistible sweetness, wrapping each inhale in a smooth, velvety layer that elevates your flavor."
Pucker Boost:
"Pucker Boost amps up the tang with a burst of electrifying tartness, giving every puff a sharp, zesty kick."

.5mL = 1 30mL boost  (1 Shot = 4/5)

1mL = 1 60mL boost  (1 Shot = 2/5)

2mL = 120mL boost  (1 Shot = 1/5)

Now Available in Bottle Form!

Boost Bottled Alternative Old Pueblo Vapor