WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Elemental Shots - BTN Boosts for any Bottle

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Ember, Frost and Glaze available in 120mL sized booster vial.  2mL of your favorite Boost available for custom tuning any of your favorite vapes.

Ember - throat presence
Frost - cooling factor
Glaze - that sweet note

.5mL = 1 30mL boost  

1mL = 1 60mL boost

2mL = 120mL boost


What does EMBER, FROST, and GLAZE mean on BTN products? 

EMBER, FROST, and GLAZE are the three elemental Boosts that define each BTN mixture, giving them their unique qualities. These Boosts are clearly indicated on the labels and packaging, allowing you to instantly understand the sensation experience they offer.

  • EMBER Boost replicates the traditional "throat hit" usually associated with nicotine levels. A higher Ember level provides a stronger throat hit, though Frost can modify its effects as cool softens the burn, allowing for a customizable and tailored vaping experience.

  • FROST Boost governs the cooling effect in the mix. Opt for a lower Frost level if you prefer a subtle coolness that can complement the effects of Ember. For those who enjoy an ice-cold vape, look for maximum Frost levels. Keep in mind that higher Frost levels are often paired with higher Ember levels to maintain a satisfying throat hit.  Unlike menthol, the Frost element creates a cool sensation without creating interference with the flavor.

  • GLAZE Boost is the final element in the BTN trinity. Serving as a detailed sweetener and flavor enhancer, Glaze allows us to discover the perfect 'sweet' spot for your favorite flavors. It also accentuates different notes within an all-day vape, elevating the overall experience.