WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BTN by the Bottle - The Standard Line

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Flavor Level: Alt Style

Get ready for an explosion of flavor! Alt Style flavor level adds a whopping 50% more flavoring to our already taste-saturated recipes, making it ideal for smaller devices that may struggle to deliver the full flavor experience of higher wattage vaping. Note that using Alt Style in larger devices might lead to flavor oversaturation. Indulge in intensified flavors with Alt Style and elevate your vaping journey.

BTN's THE STANDARD line is from the Criterion Collection of classic flavor combinations. With a variety of core flavor profiles, this collection sets the standard in high quality American made E-Liquid. 

No. 1 - Watermelon Frost
No. 2 - Apple Grape
No. 3 - Pineapple Coconut
No. 4 - Strawberry Lemonade
No. 5 - Kiwi Strawberry
No. 6 - Mango Kiwi Orange
No. 7 - Vanilla Custard
No. 8 - Spearmint Menthol

  1. What is BTN?  Pronounced Bitten - Beyond Tobacco & Nicotine represents a revolutionary zero nicotine vaping solution proudly developed in the USA.

  2. How is BTN different from other Zero Nicotine options on the market today? BTN stands apart from other Zero Nicotine options due to its meticulous development process. Drawing from over a decade of experience, we carefully selected techniques and ingredients, combining early DIY skills with modern sensation enhancers. This unique approach allows us to reproduce the satisfying throat and mouth sensation typically associated with nicotine-based vaping. Unlike 0mg E-liquids that can leave users feeling unsatisfied, our BTN Throat and Ember Boosts offer a nicotine-free vaping experience like no other.

Moreover, BTN boasts an exceptional lineup of flavors, expertly crafted by seasoned Flavor Crafters from the Southwestern US. Each batch is produced with artisanal care, delivering premium flavoring to a new generation of vape. In essence, with BTN, you get the perfect fusion of Flavor + Feeling, resulting in ultimate satisfaction without nicotine.

  1. What does EMBER, FROST, and GLAZE mean on BTN products? EMBER, FROST, and GLAZE are the three elemental Boosts that define each BTN mixture, giving them their unique qualities. These Boosts are clearly indicated on the labels and packaging, allowing you to instantly understand the sensation experience they offer.
  • EMBER Boost replicates the traditional "throat hit" usually associated with nicotine levels. A higher Ember level provides a stronger throat hit, though Frost can modify its effects as cool softens the burn, allowing for a customizable and tailored vaping experience.

  • FROST Boost governs the cooling effect in the mix. Opt for a lower Frost level if you prefer a subtle coolness that can complement the effects of Ember. For those who enjoy an ice-cold vape, look for maximum Frost levels. Keep in mind that higher Frost levels are often paired with higher Ember levels to maintain a satisfying throat hit.  Unlike menthol, the Frost element creates a cool sensation without creating interference with the flavor.

  • GLAZE Boost is the final element in the BTN trinity. Serving as a detailed sweetener and flavor enhancer, Glaze allows us to discover the perfect 'sweet' spot for your favorite flavors. It also accentuates different notes within an all-day vape, elevating the overall experience.

In summary, BTN offers an unparalleled nicotine-free vaping experience, combining premium flavors with the satisfaction of traditional throat and mouth sensations, all thanks to our meticulously developed Ember, Frost, and Glaze Boosts combined with our unique BTN Base.

Additional Info:

Boosts and Alt Style flavoring all reduce the thickness of the E-Liquid.  We have balanced the Elements as fully as possible to optimize how many devices should be able to run BTN across a wide spectrum of wicking types and boost levels, however maximizing Boosts and flavoring combined with High Wattage coils with aggressive wicking may lead to seeping.  Boosts are concentrated, a couple boosts go a long way in flavor and effect.