WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geek Bar Pulse

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15000 PUFFS! OR 7500+ on Pulse Mode! 

The Geek Bar Pulse Disposable Vape stands out in a crowded field of draw-activated vapes with its advanced features. If you are looking to carry a disposable vape with unique performance features and great flavors, it is a perfect pick. It is the first disposable vape with a full screen. More germane to its function to deliver great taste and satisfaction, there is a dual mesh coil that generates great flavor all the way through its 16ml capacity. Unlike other disposables, it has an advanced dual core that allows it to function in both regular and pulse mode.

Pulse mode has the densest flavor and best cloud production, but this long-lasting disposable still generates a puff count of approximately 7500 in pulse mode. In regular mode, the manufacturer estimates that the Geek Bar Pulse is good for a 15,000-puff count. Naturally, the full screen provides an e-liquid level and battery life indicator. It also has unique cosmic illustrations in line with the “Geek” theme. Powered by a 650mAh battery, the Geek Bar Pulse has just raised the bar.

    FCUCKING FABA strangely named combination of assorted tropical fruit and confectionary flavors that are truly fab, and tastes even better under the increased output of pulse mode.

    SOUR APPLE ICEA superb sour green apple flavor with a hearty dollop of frigid ice thrown in to make it even more appealing.

    TROPICAL RAINBOW BLAST: A classic flavor, there is no shortage of candied fruit and hard-shelled confection notes in this flavor rainbow.

    MEXICAN MANGO: The classic flavor of Mexican Mango, this flavor was inspired by authentic fruit flavors but has a sweet kick that makes it more delightful.

    BLUE RAZZ ICE: A sweet and mildly tang take on one of the most popular vape flavors ever. Blue raspberry is always a sweet delight as a Nic salt, bursting with flavor and layered with cooling ice.

    WATERMELON ICE: A brilliant and chilly combination of watermelon flavors merged with a blizzard of icy chill.

    MIAMI MINTA classic mint disposable with just a hint of tartness to elevate the spearmint and wintergreen flavors.

    CALIFORNIA CHERRY: A tart cherry flavor with plenty of realistic notes to cut through the sometimes-overwhelming sweetness of cherry vapes.

    JUICY PEACH: A great ripe peach flavor dripping with fruit flavor and heavily enhanced with an icy finish.

    SOUR POP: Inspired by the delightful flavors of soft, chewable confections, the candied flavor notes abound in every puff and were inspired by fruit flavors like pineapple, banana, citrus, and strawberry.

    GRAPE BLO POP: A classic purple grape confectionary shell, encapsulating a chewy gum core, inspired by this nostalgic and balanced vape.

    DRAGON MELON: A blend of dragon fruit, pear and sweet watermelon flavors offers a cohesive and unique vape flavor.

    PINK LEMONADEEnjoy the refreshing flavor of fresh squeezed pink lemonade in all its tart and sweet in majesty.

    BLACK CHERRYSavor the delectably dark sweetness of black cherries for a sophisticated yet inviting vape experience.

    CHERRY BOMBDelight your taste buds with a vibrant burst of luscious cherry flavor. Captivating and strong cherry notes are augmented with a hint of chilliness.

    BLUE MINTExperience a refreshing blast of icy mint layered with bold blueberry undertones. An invigorating fusion of fruit and mint.

    WHITE GUMMYThe white mystery flavor, and its tropical fruit confection notes, are mixed with a chilly kick of ice in this all-day vape.

    STRAWBERRY MANGOThe dense tropical flavor of mango is mixed with the tart and sweet flavor of strawberry to create a refreshing and delightful vape.

    META MOONEnjoy a smooth tropical blend of classic watermelon and strawberry flavors elevated with a tropical kick of sweet, creamy papaya.

    • E-liquid contents: 16ml
    • Nicotine Level: 50mg
    • Puffs per Device:
    • 15000 (Regular Mode) 
    • +7500 (On Pulse Mode)
    • Battery: 650mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
    • Made with Dual Mesh Coil
    • Pulse Mode
    • LED Screen: Battery and e-Liquid Meters