WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ooze Connectar w/ 510 Thread

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Attaching the ConNectar to the battery is a straightforward process. To make it even easier, disassemble the ConNectar into its three components. Begin by screwing the airflow base, which is the small part below the plastic straw, directly onto the battery, just as you would with an oil cartridge. Slide the straw mouthpiece over it and firmly press it into place. Then, attach the Clapton Coil tip. You're now equipped with a fully functional dab straw.

The ConNectar ensures each dab is exceptionally rich and flavorful, courtesy of the Clapton coil technology. These coils offer an expansive surface area for concentrates to vaporize, allowing you to savor the distinct terpene profiles in your extracts. The coils vary in temperature across their surface, resulting in dense, delectable vapor and diverse flavor notes. We suggest experimenting with different temperature levels for each new strain you try. Different terpene flavors become more pronounced at varying power levels.

For an optimal experience with the ConNectar, we highly recommend using a Twist Slim Pen. It fits neatly beneath the mouthpiece and offers a temperature dial for fine-tuning the heat level to match your specific strain. This precise adjustment is crucial when using the Clapton coil. It ensures you never waste your product by overheating and damaging the terpenes or underheating and failing to vaporize the concentrate. Calibrate the battery to your exact preferences and tailor your own dabbing experience.