WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Steeped OPV Pure alt Blend

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Steeped Bottles:
       Bottles already made, which have had time to meld and blend into mature rich flavors.  These are specific bottles previously made and ready to go for various reasons which we discount on a periodic basis.
For those looking for a flavorless e-liquid. The tobacco flavor is derived only from the amount of nicotine content.  This is the most like a cigarette you can get.  Rather than tasting like the smell of fresh tobacco, this gives the dry satisfaction of a real cigarette.  Ideal for smokers to have a hard time making the transition or those sensitive to flavorings and second-hand smells. 
Alt is a salt nicotine alternative using a premium naturally smoother nicotine not sourced from tobacco rather than benzoic acid modifiers. The 'alt' line also features a significant boost to the flavor, making small devices shine. The alt.Custom bottle includes choice of all our traditional flavors formulated 'alt' style. Unlike the common national salt E-liquid lines, Alt is giving vapers back the ability to choose their nicotine level on their vaping journey as well as providing an even more satisfying small device experience. Available in: 30mg/mL (3%), 16mg/mL (1.6%), 10mg/mL (1.0%), 5mg/mL (.5%) or 0mg/ml (0%)

No Benzoic Acid, No Nitrosamines, No Tobacco.  Not Salt - Just Alt.