WARNING: This non-tobacco product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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This eye catching boxed variation captures 9 cross palate gems including some of the most unique and demanded flavors from the line!  Available exclusively in the 60mL bottle, these showstoppers provide a value for low volume nic salt users with a premium set of flavors and packaging.

Smoother and heavily flavor boosted to shine in small wattage devices, the ALT line uses no nic salts, so no benzoic acid, but instead opts for a Premium smoother synthetic form of nicotine that still lets vapers feel the nic without being overwhelming at 3% (30mg/mL).

Unlike the common national salt E-liquid lines, ALT is giving vapers back the ability to choose their nicotine level on their vaping journey as well as providing an even more satisfying small device experience. 

Available in:

30mg/mL (3%), 16mg/mL (1.6%), 10mg/mL (1.0%), 5mg/mL (.5%) or 0mg/ml (0%)

For Salt users switching to ALT, we suggest the following guide:

For users currently using salt nic in 40-50 mg/mL (4%-5%) levels, 30 mg/mL (3%) is appropriate, for 24-39 mg/mL (2.4%-3.9%) users we suggest 16 mg/mL. (1.6%). We have found these levels account for the mild increase in throat presence in our alternative simpler formulation while providing an easy switch for most users.

No Benzoic Acid, No Nitrosamines, No Tobacco.  Not Salt - Just ALT.